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Multifunction control panel Zennio Z35

The Zennio Z35 control screen helps to connect the terminals of a smart home. Zennio Z35’s 3.5” screen with touch keys intuitively displays the devices in your home. The Zennio Z35 display is equipped with backlight, proximity sensor, internal temperature probe and thermostat for two independent zones. It can hold up to 42 controls/indicators, distributed in up to 7 pages with navigation menus.

Z35 - Elegance and simplicity. - Zennio


Automatically displayed when detecting someone approaching

The Zennio Z35 display also includes a screen saver. With this function, when the monitor is in sleep mode, it will display information about the date, time or temperature. When not using the touchpad and menus will be hidden. However, the screen will automatically display when the user approaches thanks to the proximity sensor.

Automatically adjust the appropriate brightness

The brightness of the screen is adjusted by the ambient brightness sensor. The Zennio Z35 display comes with a light sensor. Therefore, it will automatically adjust the brightness of the screen to suit the surrounding environment. This ensures that you are always using the product in top condition.

Timeless modern design

Minimalism has always been the dominant style over time. The Zennio Z35 monitor is designed according to hotel standards. The sophisticated and elegant style is suitable for all architectures without losing the existing design of the house. The product is rounded to the safe corners for the user, creating comfort when using.

Optimal installation support

Zennio Z35 central control screen customers will be supported with the entire installation. Installation will no longer be your concern. Our technical team will always support you wholeheartedly. We promise that you will receive the best service from our team.


Gray Z35 with thermostat page in a hotel room.Gray Z35 with thermostat page in a hotel room.


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