What is a hotel card?

If you have ever used the hotel’s services, you must have known the magnetic card. For us, this card is only used to open the door and the electrical system in the room. However, for hotel managers, it plays a huge role.

Magnetic cards make hotel management easier

Magnetic cards use the principle of operation of the magnetic field to be able to open the door. When you reach the front of the room, you just need to put the card in the correct position and the door will be recognized and opened, no need for any other action. This also ensures more safety because it is difficult for thieves to break this type of door to get inside the room.

The hotel management by magnetic card mainly starts from opening or closing the door of the guest. Each time we use the magnetic lock to close or open the door, the system will link with a server to record the exact time of operation, in which room, what customer’s name… So the manager can know more clearly information about the use of services by customers.

Why do you need to manage hotels with magnetic cards?

Previously, when there was no magnetic card, the situation of employees cheating very often happened because the management could not get information from customers. For example, guests check out before the contract date, which services to use, only the staff knows, the manager can only understand through the reception’s notes.

In addition, many employees work irresponsibly, so they do not clean the room early for customers, until the time of check-in, they still have to wait for the room to be cleaned. If there is a magnetic card, the manager will know when the previous customer is checking out, ask the staff to clean the room and bring the new customer up on time.

The fact that employees arbitrarily raise room rates for customers is also thoroughly managed because all transactions have been recorded through the software. Customers should also request an invoice for each transaction to ensure their benefits.

Besides, if there is no magnetic card, the manager will “receive” a bunch of different mechanical keys. Finding the keys for guests will become more difficult, and at the same time very easy to confuse causing many inconveniences.

There are many reasons to use magnetic cards

How to manage a hotel with magnetic cards?

To be able to use magnetic cards to manage hotels, the first thing to do is to equip an appropriate hotel management software . This software will link with the magnetic key to record all the check-in, out time, check-in time, transaction information… of the customer.

In addition, you need to do some steps as follows:

– Equipped with magnetic lock system for all hotel rooms, both lock and card

– Install and link magnetic locks to locks, electrical systems and management software

– Trial operation and inspection, then put into official operation. During operation, it is recommended to regularly maintain and check the system to ensure the system works in the best state.

Hotel management by magnetic card has now become very popular. This will be a very effective assistant of the manager, helping the hotel operation process better, serving guests more effectively and minimizing employee fraud.

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