7 ways to choose a minibar cooler for a hotel room

In the field of business, hotel management, tourism, hotel managers all know the importance of furniture and equipment in the room, they create convenience and comfort for customers. When used, if the hotel does well, this will go hand in hand with attracting customers to come back to the hotel in the next time. From internet-connected devices to coffee makers or in-room refrigerators, guests can feel as comfortable as they are at home.

ADH is the first and largest distributor in Vietnam of the Uni-sec brand of minibar refrigerators for hotels and resorts with a variety of shapes, sizes and outstanding features.

The following article will help hotel managers have a multi-dimensional view, right when choosing to buy a refrigerator (minibar) for hotel rooms, aiming to choose equipment that maximizes convenience. and comfort for customers, whether they are on vacation or staying at home.

  1. Understand your customers

First you need to know if your hotel serves individual customers or business customers? Capture the frequency of using the products in the refrigerator, how your customers feel when using those products, what factors are they mainly influenced by: size, shape or features use.

Hotel managers often consider choosing mini-bar models with the right size for each customer with a lock function and integrated LED lights inside, attracting customers when using. For small hotels or resorts, from 3 stars or less, they often choose medium-sized models, for high-end hotels and large resorts, large-sized models with more features are used by them. priority use.

  1. Create an eye-catching feeling with the refrigerator (minibar)

When placing the refrigerator in the living room, you know that the openness is important, but the placement of it is equally important.

The location of the refrigerator needs to be most visible, within the view of customers when entering the room. Prioritize being close to the power source, near other devices to create a sense of synchronization with other furniture in the room. If the location is hard to see or covered by other devices, your customers will not be able to access to use the device, and you will also miss the revenue of guests when using drinks, food. Eat in the fridge. The best place to place the refrigerator (minibar) is in the most visible, easily-traveled areas of the room.

In addition, the location of the minibar needs to create a suitable distance from neighboring devices to avoid customers having difficulty opening the cabinet, avoiding collisions that cause equipment damage.

Not all refrigerators (minibars) have built-in lights, an indispensable part to stimulate curiosity and use of drinks and food inside of guests.

If you want customers to use the products in the cabinets, you must ensure that customers can easily see everything in the cabinets and choose the products to use.

Bright lights inside the cabinet also make it easy for the room service staff to count the products used by guests and clean the minibar after customers have checked out of the room.

  1. Make sure the refrigerator (minibar) works stably

Currently, refrigerator products (minibar) in the hotel are full of types with shapes and sizes that provide the most convenience when used. However, managers need to ensure that those products work stably, avoiding problems and errors that cause discomfort to customers.

In addition, the hotel needs to consider refrigerators with simple structure, easy for customers to use such as glass or closed doors, temperature control knobs …

  1. Auto-cooling feature

When equipping a refrigerator (minibar) in hotel rooms, make sure that your device has an auto-cooling feature. This feature allows the minibar to cool automatically after a certain period of time, ensuring durability when used without the need for manual operations.

The automatic cooling feature also protects the cooling system in the cabinet, avoiding water leakage, an agent that damages furniture or wooden floors in the room.

  1. Use economical compressed air technology

Using compressed air technology instead of running on gas like conventional refrigerators will save 25% of electricity consumption compared to traditional refrigerators. At the same time prolong the use life, reduce the number of product maintenance times.

  1. Keep quiet when using

One of the most common complaints of customers when staying at hotels and resorts is the noise of the refrigerator in the room. The previous refrigerators often made a noise every time they were started, causing discomfort for customers when sleeping or resting. Equipping a refrigerator device (minibar) to completely eliminate noise, ensure absolute silence is very important in evaluating the service quality of the hotel today.

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