Raizo R320 Fingerprint Lock – Singapore

  • Mở khóa bằng vân tay, mã số, thẻ từ, Blutooth
  • Quản lý thành viên thông qua TTLOCK APP
  • Tích hợp Gateway tạo mã số từ xa qua APP (Wifi)
  • Công nghệ vân tay FPC hiện đại nhất
  • Sản xuất 100% tại Singapore.


  • Raizo fingerprint lock R320 – Made in Singapore – CO/CQ Singapore

  • Raizo is the fastest growing smart electronic door lock brand in Singapore. With many years of experience Raizo has launched super quality products that combine the most advanced functions, integrated with security and smart home systems. Allows you to check the status of the lock from anywhere, helping you get rid of the problem of losing the key, being locked… Night comes the most comfort and safety for your family.

  • Unlock method Raizo R320

  • Fingerprint unlock: Register up to 150 fingerprints.
  • Unlock by code: up to 150 codes. The door opening code is 6-12 characters long.
  • Unlock by card: up to 200 cards from MF1
  • Unlock by Bluetooth (Mobile App) – Manage members via TTLOCK APP
  • Remote unlock by Wifi (Mobile App) – Option to add Gateway
  • Unlock with mechanical key in case of emergency

Khóa vân tay, khóa vân tay căn hộ

   Semiconductor biosensor

  • The semiconductor fingerprint recognition technology only takes live fingerprints and has high security. Can collect fingerprint details more accurately and recognize faster collection speed.





Khóa vân tay, khóa vân tay căn hộ

C level smart lock cylinder

  • C-class anti-theft door lock core is the latest type of technology, applying a variety of anti-theft technologies, equipped with a bayonet device pressed inward, which largely eliminates the possibility of strong force unlocking.





khóa vân tay, khóa căn hộ

  Random security passcode

  • Support 16-digit anti-theft password, you can enter some numbers first, then enter the real password to avoid others from peeking your door lock password.







Micro USB Emergency Power

  • Micro USB Emergency Power Support plugging backup power into Micro USB port for temporary power supply when the smart lock runs out of battery but has not been replaced in time.





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