Free locker Hune 18R01SL

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  • Locker Locker Hune 18R01 has a compact and delicate design with smart unlocking feature by touch. Hune 18R01 cabinet card lock is a convenient product for locking personal lockers, storage cabinets at the Office, GYM, swimming pool, Spa, school, ..

🔰 Featured Feature

  • Compact and elegant design.
  • High security.Ad
  • vantage with touch card unlock feature
  • Cabinet lock Hune 18R01 with 3 colors: gold color (18R01BP), silver color with gold border (18R01LP) and silver color (18R01SL)

                  18R01BP                                         18R01LP                                            18R01SL


🔰 Thông số kỹ thuật

  • Applicable card: Temic Mifare 1 EM / ID
  • Material: Zinc alloy with Chrome plating or PVD . plating
  • How to open: Card
  • Battery: 3 standard AA alkaline batteries, 18 months in normal state
  • Indicators: Light, Sound (Mute, Beep or Music optional)
  • Low voltage warning: Yes
  • Freely open mode: Yes
  • Static Consumption: 12uA
  • Passive Consumption: 300mA
  • Humidity: 20% -80%
  • Working temperature: -10 -60
  • Used for lockers: Golf course, Tennis court, Massage room, swimming pool,…


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