Khóa vân tay ADH A580


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      • A-580 Sản phẩm tinh túy nhất của ADH Technology Co, Ltd

      • With more than 8 years of experience in business in the field of locks from hotels and apartments. We understand the lock product lines and lock manufacturers of developed countries that have been present in the Vietnamese market for more than 8 years.
        With a long history in the field of providing locks, we choose reputable companies with the best quality according to strict technical requirements and are strictly tested before delivering them to customers for use.
        With the motto that customers will bring: ”success” to us, we must bring the best products, the best after-sales service to repay the affection that all customers give to the Company. Ty we.
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      • With a luxurious, compact and very modern design, A-680 is the best choice to bring emphasis and safety to your home..

      • A – 580 unlock method:
      • AD – 21A uses 4 main ways of unlocking:
      • Fingerprint unlock: Register up to 100 fingerprints.
      • Unlock by code: 50 Unlocking codes are 6-12 characters long.
      • Unlock by card :100 cards
      • Fingerprint door lock specifications A-680
      • Fingerprint recognition time < 1s


    • OLED touch keyboard.
    • Modern fingerprint recognition technology: Can read fuzzy texture, anti-counterfeiting, independent of scanning angle.
    • Virtual code technology to avoid revealing passwords.
    • Alloy lock body
    • Dimensions: 274 x 60 x 26mm
    • Using European standard 5-pin lock.
    • Fire alarm, anti-theft, anti-hack function.
    • Battery operated lock: 4×1.5 V AA
    • Battery life: Works well for 12 months
    • Color: Silver, Gold, Brown.

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