2 Wing Automatic Revolving Door

Mô tả

  • KA022 is an unique Revolving door with “3 in 1 function” which included Revolving door +Sliding door+ Balanced door. KBB’s superior design provides an imposing entrance to any building, while serving as an airlock as well, to minimize a building’s heating or air conditioning losses, therefore maximizing energy savings .

Safety functions

  1. Drum wall load-bearing structure
  2. Emergency stop
  3. Handicap function
  4. Anti-squeeze function
  5. Anti-strike function
  6. Force-sensitive Control
  7. Torque Control Function
  8. Safety Relay
  9. Panic breakout
  10. LED Panel

Technical Data

  • Power supply : 220V/50Hz
  • Rated current : 6A
  • Rated power : 1200W
  • Sliding door drive unit : 100W X 2=200W
  • Revolving door drive unit : 250W X 2=500W
  • Down lights : 400W
  • High speed adjustment range(revolving door) : 1- 4r.p.m.
  • Low speed adjustment range(revolving door) : 0.5-1.5 r.p.m


Inner Diameter (ID) 3600mm 4200mm 4800mm
Outer Diameter (OD) 3680mm 4280mm 4880mm
Total Height (TH) 2640mm 2640mm 2640mm
Inner Height (IH) 2300mm 2300mm 2300mm
Canopy Height (CH) 340mm 340mm 340mm
  • Note : In addition to the standard dimensions, other dimensions are also available for request.  For more information please contact your nearest distributor .

Main Components

  1. Control unit : SIEMENS
  2. Operating software : KBB
  3. Transducer : SIEMENS
  4. Revolving door motor : SIEMENS
  5. Gear box of revolving door : Sewdrive
  6. Sliding door motor : KBB
  7. Reduction belt : CONTITECH
  8. Key switch : KBB, Six splines
  9. Working mode selector : KBB
  10. Revolving door detecting radar : BEA
  11. Sliding door detecting radar : BEA
  12. Reduction photocell : BEA
  13. Anti-strike photocell : BEA
  14. Anti-squeeze radar : PEPPERL
  15. Anti-strike radar : PEPPERL
  16. High precision speed /position radar : HENGSTLER
  17. Emergency stop button : KBB
  18. Safety switch: KBB
  19. Glass : YAOPI
  20. Aluminum alloy frame : JIHUA
  21. Ceiling spot light : PHILIPS
  • Note :  KBB has another more luxurious and more intelligent 2 wings revolving door called KA021,It firstly achieves the combination of “Internet+ Mobile phone + Revolving door” applications. The era of the network and wireless communications in the application of revolving automatic doors marks the technology innovation of KBB. We are walking to the forefront of world automatic door industry.

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